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Financially assisting Kenyans in everyday life

Overview PFM

Aggregating data of mobile wallets to assist users in understanding their finances and improving their financial capabilities.

Available now!

More products coming soon!

We're a bit obsessed. Obsessed with improving people's understanding of their finances. That's why we built Overview PFM. Obsessed with people growing their financial capabilities. That's why we are building new products. Allowing users to learn by doing. One guided step at the time. So watch this space for more exciting Overview products!

Itching to know more?

Overview is a technology company founded by Hans, Charles-Axel and Henri-Jérôme Pauwels. We are a family founding team building a business around user experience in finance.

Based in Belgium and operating globally, we focus on emerging markets and developing economies.

Overview Technologies BVBA

20 Rue Camille Lemonnier
1050 Brussels, Belgium